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What’s our Ethos?

We are an integrated marketing agency, connecting brands with consumers along the shopper journey, at every stage of the marketing process.

We believe in creating compelling, exciting experiences that build brands and drive sales.  Great experiences require a deep understanding of why customers do what they do. It is by understanding what motivates them that we are able to expose the contradictions and deliver multi-channel coms that surprise and delight.

To us every client is different, every project is unique. Our thrill is bringing ideas to life in the market place. Our knowledge means they are activated with precision and our original thinking gives them purpose and challenges the ordinary.

What’s our story?

Promotion Line started life in 1993, to give ideas purpose.

Our name evolved from the fact that our work is not just about above the line or below the line marketing, it’s through the line. Based on the concept that you can start or stop your journey with us at any point, taking advantage of the exact services that work for you, creating your own Promotion Line journey.

We work frequently work on a multi-agency basis to add strength to the total marketing mix, bringing together services that complement and enhance the work of other agency partners.

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